Development History
The foundation of the establishment of ZHONGGONG GROUP  was WUHAN MODERN TECHNOLOGIES INSTITUTE in 1993
2000 - The institute organized "use of waste wood materials technology research and development"
2000 - National Technical Innovation Fund Project: long effect anti-corrosion coating
2001 - National fifteen key plan project: 350 grade lacquer preparation technology
2001 - National Torch Program: interpenetrating network (IPN) polymer anti-corrosion and waterproof materials
2002 - National key product: a new water-soluble acrylic resin
2003 - "the use of waste wood materials development technology" research and development success
2003 - Hubei provincial science and technology department completed the scientific appraisal on the use of waste  wood materials technology
2003 - National 863 Project: research and industrialization of transparent titanium oxide modified mesoporous transparent photocatalytic materials
2003 - New national key products: long effect corrosion resistant decorative coating
2003 - National Torch Program: solvent free intertransmission network (IPN) polymer conductive anticorrosion coating
2004 - New national key product: IPN solvent-free long effect anticorrosion coating
2004 - the use of waste wood materials technology development authorized foreign cooperation
2005 - Key science and technology project of Hubei Province: high purity epoxy ring sulfur hybrid resin
2006 - Hubei science and technology project: functional high temperature insulation coating
2008 - The project to support the national "11th Five-Year" plan: research and pilot demonstration of the preparation technology of non metallic mineral based composite conductive materials
2016 - quantum fiber integrated wallboard project began to measure production;
2017 - the whole country's integrated wallboard product agent has increased to 900.
2017 - ZHONGGONG GROUP and China Decoration (Hongkong) Holding Group Co., Ltd. signed an export direct mining cooperation framework agreement
2017 - Invest to start "JI ZHUANGKE" project a new decoration planform
2017 - the strategic investment fair between ZHONGGONG GROUP and China Decoration (Hongkong) Holding Group is held in Wuhan

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