Group Profile

The development of ZHONGGONG GROUP was traced back to WUHAN MODERN TECHNOLOGIES INSTITUTE in 1993. The group was formed on the basis of the Institute. Through nearly 30 years of development, ZHONGGONG GROUP has formed two major business sectors of coating materials and quantum fiber materials. Coating materials are widely used in the infrastructure fields of electrical, metallurgy, machinery, chemical, bridge, ship and others; Quantum fiber materials are widely used in the fields of indoor Integrated decorations and outdoor leisure facilities. The group has established a strategic supporting supply relationship with CNPC, Sinotrans, CSIC, CHNG, CIMC, Shanghai Electric, DATONG, CNNC and other groups. Relying on the quantum fiber materials capacity and supporting advantages, the group takes Internet thinking as the core to build a new platform “JI ZHUANGKE” for sharing new decoration, it will fully implement the national development guideline of the assembly building integration decoration and guide the sustainable development of hundreds of billions of home decoration industries.


Zhonggong group provides healthy, environmentally friendly priducts and high quality services for its value.  We are always on the way to service and promotion.

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